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Need help with aggressive puppy

Hey all,
This is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing this right.
I need some immediate help with my 8 month old, he's become extremely aggressive with my other dog.

I have a second shepherd named Captain who is 8. Jack ( my puppy) and Captain have been like buddies since we originally brought jack home. Granted, there have been times when jack has irritated Captain and he would growl at him, or they would rough play..but it was never mean or aggressive.
It started with the kitchen. I was cooking one day and captain came walking by me, jack was already by my feet and when he saw captain coming closer he started raising his fur, growled, and lunged at captain. I managed to get them to stop but got some scratches myself. I assumed it was just over food, and have been trying to just keep them apart if I know i'll be cooking, or when I feed them, but really it's a pain.

Lately, if Captain and Jack are in the hallway together Jack will raise his fur, start growling, and just go at Captain. I don't get it, they've been fine up until about 2 weeks ago when all this started.

Captain is fixed, and jack isn't but we're getting him fixed on the 21st of this month. Hoping that this aggression is just a lot of hormones.

Does anyone have any advice? I try to teach jack to " be nice" but i'm not sure it that's enough.I just really don't want to see either of my guys get hurt obviously. I just want them to be buddies again.
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