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Looking for some breeder input - NC/SC

Hi everyone. While this is my first post here, I have been lurking, reading and spending a ton of time on this great forum.....I also think I am in he middle of information overload.

We lost our GSD (Belle) back in October after almost 10 years and are now ready to find a new pup to be a part or our family.

While we will have an active lifestyle with the new dog, I do not expect to be participating in any extensive showing or competition. Lots of good training, play, walks and adventures. I think that we may lean toward a SL, rather than a more working line, just to be fair to the dog and it's needs. I realize that all can be great family dogs and will consider either, but want to be sure of the right balance. Obviously the ability to serve as basic protection for our home as well.

I would prefer to stay within a reasonable drive of Charlotte as I would like to be able to visit the breeder prior to making a decision. From reading the forums I have identified a number of breeders that seem to have good reputations and solid programs. I am not hung up on size of the operation...just want good people to work with and a great dog for my family. My initial list of those to consider is:

Von der Sauk
Haus Brezel
Von den Oher Tannen (Atlanta)

I have heard good thing and a few implied negative comments on these so I would like to ask for your input (either via this post or PM) on these names.

I would also welcome any other suggestions!

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