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Red face going raw or not...

..that is the question

i think animals such as cats and dogs should eat raw food, like their wild relatives do. some cats still hunt birds and mice....

i haven't had the courage to give my cats raw meats... just a couple of times to see if they eat it. one did, the other wasn't too impressed. it was chicken on one occasion and fish on another occasion.

now, i don't recal giving anything raw to kali, though im sure she would eat it, as she eats anything. so far i gave her home cooked food and dry puppy food. her coat is super shiny and the vet said she looks fine. she's full of energy, she gains weight, so i think i did well so far.

i'm considering giving her a raw diet, maybe combined with her previous food. my concern is this; is it ok for her to eat only raw food? and how about the price difference? did you guys find it more expensive or cheaper than dog food?

any other piece of advice concerning the raw diet is welcomed.
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