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Ban on selling puppy mill dogs in pet stores in Chicago

I am so very proud of one of my friends and I wanted to share.

She works for PAWS in Chicago and yesterday she testified at City Hall yesterday in support of the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance. This legislation would prohibit Chicago pet stores from selling puppy mill puppies (and other "milled" animals) and would be a historic, progressive moment for the City of Chicago, dogs suffering inside inhumane puppy mills and also for shelter dogs in Chicago who are put to sleep every day just for being homeless who would now have a better chance at getting adopted. It passed the pre-lim vote and is now going to to a full vote today!

Hopefully, this could end up being trickled down into some sort of legislation/regulation on BYB's as well, but one step at a time.

Here's an article with more info: Chicago expected to ban puppy mill sales in pet stores tomorrow

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