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Crated at Night in Garage

I spend the whole waking 16-hour day with Ruger, my 2+ year old GSD. I work from home so he's with me in my home office all day. We take two long exercise walks a day, and usually break mid afternoon to play fetch in the yard. Ruger goes with me in my truck whether it's to the hardware store or to the gym. I literally spend no less than 16 hours a day with Ruger and I enjoy it as much as he does.

But at night I want my room to myself. And because Ruger wants to eat my cat (who started living outside since the dog arrived 2 weeks ago), I have to create an environment that's safe for the cat in case she decides to come inside. I live in the downstairs of my 2 story house. There's a kitchenette/office, bathroom, my bedroom, and the garage. The upstairs of my house is rented out and is off-limits.

The kitchenette/office is too cramped for Ruger's 48" crate. My bedroom I want to myself and I leave the window open so the cat can safely drop in. There is no other place to crate Ruger at night except the garage. I leave the door from the garage to the hallway open so he's not completely cut off.

If this works, I'd like this to be our permanent setup. Is it OK for an adult GSD to be crated at night in the garage (with the door from the garage to the hallway left open), as a permanent arrangement? I've been having him sleep in his crate for the past 1 week in the office, tonight is the first night I'm having him sleep in his crate in the garage. I'm glad to get that huge crate out of my office now. I can't let him be loose in the office at night because the cat door is in the office, in case the cat decides to come home.

I hope I'm not being a bad dog owner. I don't know what else I can do.

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