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9 month old being a bully!

Our 9 month old, Jaxx won't stop bullying our 2yo, Onyx. He pushes him into walls and bites his face/neck. He has to have all the toys all the time and barks and whines like a baby if he doesn't get his way. He pushes his way into my lap if I'm petting onyx...even if I pet one with one hand and the other with the other hand. It's never enough for him. He knocks Onyx over after they come in the house and won't let poor onyx go to the bathroom in peace. I try to let them out one at a time but Jaxx acts like you're killing him and just cries and hits his kennel and makes an awful racket. It's crazy!

If I holler at him to stop he will for a few mins then he's back at it again. I've tried putting him in his kennel but if onyx isn't in his kennel too he cries and cries and howls.

They get the same amount of attention from both of us. I don't get it.

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