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Managing Zelda's HD Update :)

So a while ago my Vet and I talked about what we could do with Zelda and her hips.

Although not the most satisfactory discussion, I left to home with a little hope for the future. After thinking about it, I thought I wanted to try something that was suggested to me, to go homeopathic route. So I told my Vet this, and although with hesitation he said he would find me something else, I wanted to trust my Vet with this to see what he would choose. He got me Traumeel, which was great as that was suggested by several people and I've read good things about it. After having her on it for over a month or so, I can not believe the difference.
Last week and today, Zelda and I went on a dirt road, this road is where she would be able to run for a few minutes (literally..) than lay down, afterwards she would have bad recovery.. very slow) Last week and today, I walked 1.5 miles on this road, and she on her 50 foot leash. The whole time she was running, prancing, trotting, walking, running more and more, full out burst sprinting, following scents, etc! Last week she laid down once the whole 1.5 miles and today non sitting or laying down at all, i cant even believe it. She was only a little bit sore after the initial running, but it hasn't effected her at all, so it was a quick recovery after that.
This is just super amazing, and I'm trying to preserve her hips as best i can, as she is still such a young chik-a-dee! But, i love to see her be a dog and she has so much FUN! Following tracks running through big farm fields and just being free.
The only thing that has changed is the Traumeel, so i truly believe this is what has been helping her.. Just to be on the for sure side, in a few months i might take her off it for a couple months to see the difference, and than put her back on it and see from there.
I'm so glad of the choice from doing Truameel over carprophen long term, it feels so much safer and it seems to be working better than the dosage she was on for carprophen anyways..
I am now looking into Zeel, should i start that now?

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