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1st day of beginner obedience class

Let's just say I have a lot of work to do. I received a big reality check today. When we first started, the trainer used us to demonstrate some commands such as "leave it" and "watch me". But after a few minutes Empire was over me and my treats. He just wanted to get off of that leash and to the other dogs.

The trainer wanted to try a heel/sit and when I gave her the leash, he managed to slip out of his martingale? So he took off running up to every dog linking and sniffing them and I froze while everyone was looking at me. Empire was about 40 yards from me when the trainer snapped me out of it and asked if he had a recall. YES! EMPIRE COME! It worked.

The rest of the class was all down hill. As the other dogs continued to trump my treats, I might as well have been standing in a sound proof glass dome. All of the commands that we have been working on every day are useless if you don't have your dogs attention. I have been working on his commands in parks with people and dogs as distractions. But to have 6 dogs with their humans in a circle was too much for him.

Other dogs did much better and just sat with their owners as we were the worst. I guess it can only get better. I even tried tiring him hot before we went but you'd think he was a dog that lived chained to a tree who's never seen another dog.

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