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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
Issue sounds like you have been letting him make some decisions that shouldn't be up to him. Giving him a high place in the home and (sounds like) over you. Created a king!

You should be in charge and he should know it. YOU allow the other dogs near (or not), you can pet whoever you want. Once you allow one of the dogs decide these are his decision over you then you are losing control.

How are the dog classes going? Have you talked to your instructor? This is one of the many reasons we go so WE learn how to be the calm leader in the home and our dogs learn to look to us for guidance, rather than taking charge cause they can.

Have you been working on all of --> Top Training Expectations for Puppies

Good luck! Talk to your instructor they should have more recommendation to get you back into the leadership role so your pup doesn't feel they can fill that void.
He's not in any obedience courses. As for the dominance, he doesn't seem to show any other signs of dominance over me. He listens when I tell him to do things, but this is really his only sign of dominance that he shows.
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