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Peeing.. and another thing.

He's 11 weeks, been crate training.. never goes potty in his crate.. I take him out every 2-4 hours and when I do, he will go pee (in the same spot).. then I walk around with him for about 5 minutes or until he poops.. and within' those 5 minutes, I'll see him kinda pee.. and/or he'll poop.. then we go inside, and like.. 5-10 minutes later, he's flippin' peeing on the carpet or something.. and not in the 'same spots' either just.. wherever he's currently standing at the moment. It's not a lot of pee.. maybe like 1.5 seconds of pee stream, but he stills pee's.. and I'm losin' my marbles cuz I take him out constantly and he pee's a buttload outside every time.. so I'm not understanding why he's peeing in the house literally 5-10 minutes after being outside and after peeing as much as he did! He doesn't whine to let me know.. he just kinda.. yep, playing with this toy.. now i'm gonna pee a little.. even though i was just outside.

Oh yeah, I always praise him when he potty's outside too. I usually give him a click (if i remember to bring it out with me) and treat (whenever I remember to bring it outside) with vocal praise or I also praise with a happy toned voice and petting, positive reinforcement if I'm treatless.. treats have been fading in an out..

I'm not sure what to do.. The pee session on the carpet's too quick for me to tell him no and take him outside again, he never has to go outside when I take him out a second time.. he'll just lie there and stare at me.. or go eat grass/leaves.. <_< little butthole! Hahah.

Also, I don't know if this is a bad thing or not.. but I'm constantly telling my puppy NO literally at everything he does.. because everything he does isn't exactly good. Eating something random, NO. Chewing on the clothes, NO. Eating paper, NO. Trying to take something off the table, NO.. and he stops whatever he's doing.. he'll drop whatever is dangling out of his mouth if it isn't already 100% in his mouth (then I gotta dig it out).. but he always goes into the down position and puts his head down.. or he'll go into his crate (willingly) and lie down with his head down.. like he's ashamed.. then he goes back and does whatever I just said no too.. or he'll fall asleep. Lol.

I'm such a noob. ;__;

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