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I am going to espouse a very unpopular opinion.

I agree with you. Most small dogs are allowed to be jerks. People don't care, because as you said " he is too small to do damage". I get that and it ticks me off.

But it makes sense. The danger in having a large breed dog of ANY size is damage done. In all my years I have come across 1 death by toy dog. 1. They are just not as dangerous. Does not mean they are less likely to bite. Just that when they do, it's not lethal.

It irks me to no end that people allow the behavior. To me dogs are dogs. A dog would not be allowed to remain in my house if it bit my child. Period. I don't have kids though. But it's a line drawn. Just because a dog is small does not mean it should be allowed to be aggressive.

I have a friend with the meanest Chi on the planet, 32 bites so far. Never broken skin, so it's allowed to slide. If that dog was 30 lbs heavier, it would have been euthanized.

I can't stand when people make the excuse of, " he is too small to cause damage" pet peeve if mine. Cause if it was my GSD, no excuses allowed.

But that's the way of the world. If you are attacked by a Chi, no big deal, if you are attacked by a Pitbulls, you are in the hospital. But that's why I think that Pitts are dangerous. Because when they attack, the main and kill. Not because I think they are more aggressive than a Chi, but because they can kill someone.

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