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What about small dogs?

With the bite threads going, I'm led to consider the small breed dogs. Many of those are far more aggressive and more difficult to control than the large "bully" breeds.

I have a Chi and he's bitten my five year old daughter in the face, once. ONCE. If he were a larger dog, he could have caused damage. The only reason he isn't gone is b/c he's too small to cause serious damage and b/c I'm willing to be diligent about supervision of the two together. I will never trust him completely with her.

So- the small breeds, like Chi's are very aggressive! They're even harder to control b/c they're stubborn and headstrong, have a tendency to consider themselves alpha no matter how much they're worked with. (This is a generalization, of course! And a bit extreme, but it's just to get the ball rolling). My Chi has to be reminded on regularly, from several times per week, to several times per day, that he is not the boss and that he must comply and follow the rules. He's a growler, and he's bitten at least three people, lunged at two, not including my daughter. Sometimes my Chi is more of a commitment than a love relationship :/ The best advice I was ever given was to treat him just the same as a large breed- no pampering, no spoiling.

I'm interested in others' perspective on little/toy breeds and their temperament in their own experiences. Do you think they're worse than the 'bully' breeds, bad rap, or human ignorance?
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