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First Dog - 4 year old GSD from Pound

I've been around dogs all my life, but this is the first dog of my own. We got Hunter at a local animal shelter. He had been given up ... twice. I don't know the reason for the first time. The stated reason for the second time (after only 1 week) was that the dog didn't bark. Weird right?

We've had him since Thanksgiving. He barks, but not incessantly. He never leaves the yard even if the gate is left open (silly husband). He wants so badly to play with the cats, but they just hiss and spit at him. He only occasionally chases the chickens, but only because it's fun to see them scatter. He minds for the most part, but I don't think his prior people ever walked or played with him. He does not know how to fetch and won't often chase a ball.

The main problem is that he does not know how to walk on leash. I have him on a sort of half choke type collar. He just pulls until we are well into the walk. He will also lunge at everything from other dogs to llamas to horses. I can get him to stop with a "Leave it!" unless the dog runs up to him or the dog is large, aggressive and on the other side of a fence. Just meeting a dog is fine, he just wants to sniff and play, but if there is a fence, the hackles go up.

Any tips? I cannot afford obedience classes at the moment.

He is almost 80 pounds and very strong. He also pees like a girl dog. What's up with that?
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