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I'll do it all. Web, print, photography, design. You name it, I've dabbled in it.

The best thing I can recommend.

Always look at other peoples work. Get inspired.

Always look on google and youtube. Best advice and tutorials out there. Thousands.

I like a website called W3 school, they have a lot of information on there for HTML and what not.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Best thing you can do to get a job in this field, is start by experimenting with your very own website and make a awesome one. No one will hire a web/designer if their own site looks like crap (in my experience and opinion).

And the next thing you can do, barter. I've made quite a bit of barters where I've helped out other people with design and/or building them a website in exchange for a product they offer. I've done fire wood, I've done training classes, heck, thats how I got my last dog

Put yourself out there and don't be afraid of rejection.
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