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Default Is anyone here a web developer?

So i'm at that very painful part of life where you realize your expensive art degree is worth pretty much nil and if you don't figure something else out soon, you'll still be serving coffee when you're forty. Soooo I'm trying to figure something else out, and I'm thinking web development would be a good path. I love design (art major after all), but I also loved the Java class I took as an elective and the Python track I completed on Code Academy.

The problem is I don't have the time or money to get a traditional CS degree. (Well I have time, just not in regular chunks since I need my irregular coffee shop schedule to pay bills and such.) So I've been looking at various was to learn cheaply online, specifically Treehouse and Thinkful. My main concern is that these options won't actually make me ready for the job market. If I'm going to spend money (again) on education, I really want to see some kind of ROI.

I'm curious if anyone has actually used these services and gotten a job? Or if you're a web developer, if you have any suggestions about how to learn cheaply & quickly (month-wise not day-wise as I realize I'll have to put in a ton of hours to catch up with all the four year degree people) and get a job? Really any advice about how to break into this field would be helpful
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