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Help! I've never had a dog that counter-surfed before. I've caught Odin mid-act a couple of times now, front paws on the kitchen counter or on the table.

Tips on breaking this behavior? If he's in the house unsupervised he's in the crate, but he's started to be sneaky and now and then is in the kitchen when no one else is and no one knows he's in there.

Is there anything that people have tried that worked? It's not even food so much, he likes dish towels (runs like a mad fiend when he gets them) and potholders, purses (off the table), shoes (we started putting some of the shoes up on chairs because he's started chewing on shoes if we don't put them up). And anything else he can get. Yeah, I'm sure he'll get into food too if it's in reach, but he does it for stuff besides food.

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