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Breeder payment timing question

Hello forum,

I have just recently started my search for a GSD puppy. I am currently looking at a local breeder who has been well recommended on this forum and whose breeding dogs are fully health-certified. My question relates to the timing of payment. In the contract it specifies that $500 is to be paid up front to reserve a puppy and the remaining $1,500 to be paid at the age of six weeks. Then it specifies that no visits to the puppies will be allowed until after the age of six weeks (which I understand, as the threat of health risks can be quite serious at that age) and payment in full is received via a certified check. All money received by the breeder is non refundable, although there is a comprehensive one year health guarantee for complications due to genetic issues, with a replacement only policy. I should mention that visits to the kennel to see the adult dogs is permitted by appointment. So, in effect, I would be buying the puppy sight unseen (pictures posted to the kennel Facebook page excluded) and without recourse and trusting that I would be delivered what I paid for. Are these reasonable requests on the part of the breeder or is this practice unusual?
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