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Hi and welcome! I've own/owned both american and czech lines and do agree they are both very different. My czech line is very active but she is always eager to learn, confident, loves to play, has a really high prey drive, and great with the kids. At 6months she's already surpasses my expectations in training. My american line was more reactive, harder to train,she's a barker but if you come close she will most likely back off and pretty much always pushes her limits with me. She is a great dog but her temperament did not allow me to do protection training with her. She does make an awesome family pet that is very sweet to my kids. I know most of her personality came from her mom and I didn't think twice when I got her because she was too cute (bad idea buying just on looks). As for protection, I wouldn't trust my life with her. Nerves and temperament do play a very big role in this breed. Of course depending how you raise and train your dog will effect the outcome as well. You can find a great family pet from both sides. I personally would go for czech/ddr line and never touch the american line. I would recommend after researching and finding the right breeder for you is to meet both parents and have the breeder help you choose the right puppy that will fit you and your family. They know their puppies best and a good breeder wouldn't place a high drive pup in a family that will not be able to handle it . Good luck with your search!

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