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This sounds like a pretty normal crazy puppy (except for the skittish part). I think the "place" command may be more helpful. I used a Kurunda bed and the dog would do all kinds of crazy things on it but his feet were not allowed off the bed. It took awhile.

A 2.5 I am finally working on LONG stays and it is 100% concentration on my part. Never had the nipping problem but we started on that very early with a lot of redirection...Into everything. When I get frustrated, we both get a time out (him crate) then start again.

Hang in there and I hope you get some good suggestions. I do believe in teaching place though because it takes less focus and concentration than "stay" and is very useful in real life.

Although I did not tether Beau as a puppy, I do now tether him to my desk when I am working... Hey, I have had several GSDs but not one so pushy and crazy before so I here where you are coming from even if I can't offer a ton of great help.

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