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Older puppy won't let me do my chores

Ok, my puppy is getting older, he's 11 months. Not fixed yet, very soon. I'll try to be brief, but I'd like suggestions. I got him too old, he was 4 months, and he's doing well with me and is socialized well with other dogs, but he's very skittish around people. Slowly but surely trying to get this ironed out.

Big concern now is, I'm trying to do things around the house, and he will not let me. I'd rather have him around and spend time with him so he's not cooped up in the crate, but doing this any time other than while relaxing is almost impossible. I give him things to occupy him, and I try to get him as much exercise as possible in the snow and cold, but he's of course energetic. If I try to do laundry, or clean, or work on a project, or put things away, he becomes fixated on what I'm doing, and won't leave it alone.

I have tried sit-stay, and it works for maybe 20 seconds, but beyond this, he goes crazy. If I ignore him or tell him no, he escalates in ways that make it completely impossible to disengage him. He starts going after whatever it is I'm working on, or me. And by going after me, it's playful stuff, the lightest possible nipping, but I can't stop it. Obviously, if I get frustrated and yell or push him away, this just incites him more, and I know this isn't the answer.

This "nipping" thing is EVER PRESENT when he's in the mood. While I don't want him getting used to using his teeth, I've also read a number of other people who have written about this, and the "corn nibbling" thing, and they don't think it's a big deal. I don't either. (my interpretation: dogs don't have hands, they use their mouth to get what they're interested in, this is what he's doing, he's not biting per-se)

The main point here is, when he becomes fixated on messing with something, it is IMPOSSIBLE to dissuade him, and he gets more and more manic until he's going nuts. My main question is, is this completely normal for a somewhat winter-under-exercised pup, or do I need to be concerned with it? And if it's completely normal, any suggestions for how you've dealt with it as the owner of an inquisitive puppy? Just keep them away? Immerse them in it and try to desensitize them to your activities?

Thank you for any replies. I've done a lot of reading, and I'd say I've come a long way, but this is my first dog, and my "reflexes" for how to handle a situation when it's actually happening are less-well-developed.

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