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Overprotective in the home. Aggressive, Please help!

Our dog Tonka is about 2 and a half years old. He is very sweet with my husband, me, our cat and our friends. Tonka has began protecting the house a little too much. He has gotten a little nasty with two mail people and now a neighborhood kid. He has begun growling at the window by the door when he hears someone outside. The second mail lady came today and he apparently had his hackles up while she was at the door, but we didn't open it because we didn't have time. Then about 5 minutes later, a neighborhood kid came to our door and he growled, charged a little bit and snapped his jaws in her direction. I will say, that we have had to speak to this same child about her inappropriate way of approaching Tonka, as in she tends to scream and run over which totally freaks out the dog. Tonka also tends to growl at strangers in the home if he feels uncomfortable. I'm thinking that his outburst with our 9 year old neighbor was due to him already being overstimulated from the mail man but both are inappropriate displays of aggression. I would say this is the very beginning to a potentially very aggressive dog, but I'm not sure as to how to proceed with it.

I came up with the training regimen that instead of allowing him to greet people at the door that one of us would have him lie down on his bed and the other person would handle the people at the door. We are also going to try and keep him away from the window and obsessing with what is going on outdoors. Does this sound like a good plan for our situation? Tonka is the first German Shepherd I have ever owned and I've never dealt with this level of protectiveness in a dog. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated by our family.

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