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I am not sure how to do an actual reply to a single person on here.

I am in the SoCal area but am will to travel anywhere for the right breeder. My rescue dog that died was from Georgia. So I have no problem with traveling and shipping.

I should of better worded what I am looking for. I am pretty new to the world of breeders and am still learning some of the terminology used.
While I want 2 dogs, I don't want them at the same time but I realize most breeders seem to have a couple months to a years wait list so I want to go on and get on a wait list for them both.
Especially for what I am looking for the wait might be even longer.
I want a black and red from a west german show line and a long coat either black sable or red sable from, I guess where I have seen these produced is working lines(ddr)?
For personality I want ones that are not very high in drive but still very active as I am a very active individual with hiking and runs every single day along with daily beach trips(it's right out my back door). My work is very active(always outside and moving) and the dog would accompany me every day. I do NOT have an actual yard but I got one of my balconies fake grassed. It is 10 feet out, 25 feet long and then turns for another 10x24 feet(L shaped). The dog would never been home alone, and I'm only home at night from about 10pm-6am every day. So very active.
I have a trainer already lines up, and am wanting to get my dog into dog surfing and skating as well as trained in personal protection(more so for the dogs fun than my own).

I would be interested in retired breeders or possibly dogs held back that just didn't turn out as I love those little imperfections that breeders see in dogs, I think it makes them cute. As well as started younger dogs or puppies just ready to go.

I hope this gives some insight as to what it is I am looking for.
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