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Unhappy Bad experiences with rescue groups

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site! I have spent a couple hours reading through posts and have leant a bunch.
I am currently on the market for 2 GSD dogs. I have been looking for over a year now.

I originally was going through rescues and shelters because I see "Adopt Don't Shop" campaigns all over. The first dog I got from a local rescue group was a 6 year old German Shepherd mix(he looked like a giant long coat shepherd). He died 2 weeks after I got him of heart failure from having bad heart worms. The rescue group said it was my fault because their vet cleared him healthy. My vet said there was no way he could gotten heart worms that badly in the 2 weeks I had him. Plus, supposedly the rescue had him on HW preventative when I adopted him.
After that I went to shelters and after a while met and fell in love with this little shepherd girl. She couldn't be adopted at the time because she had a new litter of puppies. I offered to foster them all but they said you have to take a class and be a member of a rescue group to do so. I gave them my number and came and visited her every couple days. After 5 weeks the shelter calls me to say a rescue group is taking her and the puppies to find them homes. I call the rescue group to say that I really want to adopt her and that I already have a connection with her. They wont adopt her out to me because I live outside of their adoption area!(side note, she is still to this day not adopted!!)
Next I started looking at rescue groups again. I found a beautiful shepherd cattle dog mix that sounded like her personality would fit me perfectly. I contacted the rescue and they agreed that it sounded like a match. I asked to meet her and they said they don't schedule meetings without a deposit so that they know they aren't wasting their time. I put a deposit down and didn't hear back from them for 2 weeks. Finally they sent me an email saying that they don't actually have her yet. They had adopted her out to a farm in another state and she didn't adjust well to farm life so the people wanted to give her back to the rescue. The recue had no way to bring her back yet and wouldn't until this following winter when farming season is over.

Needless to say, I am through with rescues and shelters! They have been some of the most un-honest people I have ever delt with. I have spent just over $3500(vet bills and deposit fees only) so far trying to get a dog and have nothing to show for it besides a terrifying story of having your new dog die of heart failure while up on Runyon Canyon and trying to carry 135# of dead weight back down.

I am looking for a very honest breeder.
But having gone through all this already I have put together exact profile of what my 2 ideal GSDs will look like and behave like.
Would it be presumptuous of me to send exactly what I am wanting to a breeder I find? I am more than willing to wait for the right dogs to come along once I find the right breeder(or breeders probably for what I am wanting.)

Any advise on how to spot an honest breeder? I have already contacted a few breeders in my area and was not impressed with any of them. One actually told me I ask too many questions!

Is it bad to be precise on what color of dog you want?
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