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Minimalist. Almost sterile in fact. I have 3 chairs, a couch(for the dogs) a dining room table and a high-end computer chair/desk. My bedroom is a queen bed on a super-fancy German wooden slat iron posted bed-frame. Otherwise my house is bare with the exception of a few stands for stereo(s) and lots of bookcases filled with books and electronics. Knick-knacks and gew-gaws drive me crazy. I like black and white and natural wood colors. The only color on my walls is a signed concert poster from the Dark Side of the Moon tour, and that is over my two channel stereo in my two-channel stereo room(the walls in there are dark grey eggshell acoustic foam). Otherwise it's white walls and dark walnut trim work. Floors are either natural oak or parchment tile(stereo room is an exception, it's berber carpet, off-white). I'm so much like my dad it's scary.

Oh, and I'm in the process of switching over all my CFL lighting to halogen. It's a better dark-body emitter, wider spectrum.

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