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Default Do you ever switch kibble just 'because'?

For example, you find a food your dog does well on, feed it for a long time, then randomly switch it up just to give your dog something different, or if you find a good food do you just continue to stick to it and they get their variety out of other snacks/treats?

I ask because my girl's done well on the very first food I picked out for her - one of the grain free Acana regionals - not a single problem. However, she's been on the same food for a year now and I cant help but wonder if she's "sick of it". I don't know if dogs get "sick of food" like we do - I couldnt imagine eating the same thing every day...she gets bones and I buy a different box of treats every month, she gets raw weekly as a treat or for training sometimes.

So do I even bother with switching a food if she's doing well?

Just curious what other people do. I know some people rotate flavors, figure it could be a fun discussion.
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