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Police shoot and kill wandering dog.

This isn't about a GSD but it really scares me since GSDs are a "bully" breed too.

In my hometown of Erie, PA, the local police shot a wandering Rottweiler four times and killed it. The police say it charged them. The witnessing neighbor wrote a statement saying the dog was just wandering around not bothering anyone and the police shot it the minute they saw it.

They also left the body on the street for trash pickup. From what I've read, owner never even got to claim the body, it was put into a barrel and discarded.

I know the owner, she is a huge animal lover and all the comments so far are that the dog was very friendly.

This is not the first time the police have shot and killed dogs with out much investigation.

What are your thoughts on it ? What if my shepherds ever got loose ? This is scary. Something tells me they wouldn't have shot if it was a golden.

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