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Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
I have just had the third person I know tell me that their VET trims their dogs nails so short they bleed (deliberately) and then packs them with something or other, probably cornstarch. Am I alone in thinking that this is cruel and inhumane? Why in the world would someone, let alone a vet, do that? To save the client money? Not only would I not allow anyone to do that to my dog, but I would never again associate with a professional that would have the gall to suggest it! I told my co-worker how I feel, but showed restraint by stopping short of suggesting that she have her manicurist do that to her!
I would not allow my vet to do that on any of my dogs. I'd rather pay for an extra clipping. I tried clipping my dogs nails a few times and felt so bad if I accidentally clipped too short. Went to grinding instead, its not as pretty but at least I don't have to feel so bad about it.
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