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Issues with his own room

Jaeger is 6 months old and is crated each day while my husband and I are away at work. (M through F). He's in the crate 4 hrs. at a time tops. He doesn't urinate or deficate in his crate at all. We have a spare bedroom that my husband shared with him up until this weekend. He slept in his crate and my husband in a bed. His trainer suggested we sleep seperately from him to help from now on to help break him of his seperation anxiety issues. We made the room 100% puppy-proof and let him stay in there alone with the crate door open and the door to the room closed. He was good Saturday night and didn't potty anywhere. Sunday night he cried a lot and jumped at the door. He also pooped on the floor. He was let out right before bed and did a 1 and 2 so I know it was from the SA. Should I keep him in his own room but back in the crate with the door closed? Should I just be patient and stick it out?
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