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Anything else to try? Trying to exhaust all possibilities...

We are proud and delighted that our beloved white shepherd Eddie has reached the ripe old age of 14 1/2. He's a lovely man we rescued when he was 2, and he has been our joy for so many good years.

But he's reaching the point where we are wondering what to do next. When he went completely deaf 2 years ago, we figured out how to communicate with our hands and it's been just fine. But now he is on the verge of losing all function in his rear legs and sphincter. In the mornings now, he seems unable to get up without help, and sometimes defecates right where he lays, to his chagrin. Even WITH help up, there is an extended period when he cannot stay up, and we have to hold him up if he needs to be upright. He has a harness that helps with this. He falls often outside, and we need to run out and get him standing again.

We have tried acupuncture, water therapy, short walks, long walks, everything we could think of to see if we can keep him strong enough to get around, but none of those things is working any more.

He seems to be in some pain, so our vet has put him on tramadol. But even with the max dose, he still seems to be unhappy. If all of this were accompanied by the usual "vacant" look of a geriatric dog on his last legs, our choices would be clearer. But he's very much still in his body, with clear eyes and very alert. It's as though his body is doing one thing, and his mind is somewhere else entirely.

I love this dog and am not interested in prolonging his life just so I don't have to face the pain of losing him. I want to do what's right for HIM. But I am not sure what that is any more.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or your own experiences here? Things I might still try?

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