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feeding 4 month old puppy adult food

So 2 months ago we added my male's full sister to our home. She is currently 4 months old. She was on Kirkland puppy food when we got her but since we let our membership lapse I can't buy that food. We were originally just bringing her home to test her out (I didn't think Jerry Lee would allow a puppy in the home) so I just picked up a little bag of Purina one. Well she got pretty comfortable here pretty quickly so we decided to keep her. I noticed Wal-Mart has a new grain free fished based food that is all life stages so I thought that would be perfect because Jerry needs grain free fish based food. Well unfortunately that didn't work for our new baby (Sophia) so we put her back on Purina one and our other digs are finishing the other food. Now Sophia did well on Dearborn holistic which is all life stages but my schnauzer doesn't do well on it. I usually feed TOTW but that is for maintenance. At what age would it be ok for me to switch Sophia to the TOTW?
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