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Jealousy and grooming

Do dogs express 'jealousy'?

I don't really understand this behavior in dogs.

I took my two to a new groomer today. The groomer went over Zeeva first, checking her teeth, giving her a rubdown and looking at her nails. When she proceeded to do the same with Smokey, Zeeva sort of flipped out by barking in a high pitched tone and wanting to walk over to the groomer and Smokey.

I've also noticed that when I, or anyone for that matter, gives Smokey affection, Zeeva proceeds to come between Smokey and the person giving affection.

What is this behavior? Is it jealousy? Is it something that needs to be discouraged? Is it resource guarding? Of Smokey?

Also, I don't want to start a new thread so I'll ask here. The groomer suggested some kind of deshedding regime that I didn't really understand. It's in addition to a traditional bath and brushing. I should've had her specify, but the regime she claimed helps prevent shedding after a few treatments. Does anyone know what I'm taking about and how well or if it works???
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