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Let me preface with I've never personally hunted an animal.

At the same time, SW PA had and still has a horrible White Tailed Deer problem. I can't count how many car wrecks were caused by deer just darting out into the road, or just being in the middle of the road. The deer were also human aggressive. I can't count how many times during my 24 years in Pittsburgh I was chased back into my house by deer who just didn't give a darn when trying to go to school, or walking my dog. There's nothing like trying to go to your car at 5 am...and then having to call your boss and tell them you are going to be late because there were five deer standing around your car and all the yelling and screaming in the world did nothing but irk them and make them come after you.

Hunting was the only thing that kept the numbers down. I'd rather a hunter take the animal and use it for meat to feed their family and friends than Fish and Game doing night hunts in your back yard and not giving the meat to needy families. The minute my neighbors got permission for cull hunting (higher tag limits due to nuisance deer and permission for out of season hunts) the problem deer went away and it wasn't so crazy. During rutting season and during any deer rushes (seasonal movement) we didn't have to worry as much about getting caught by a deer. It extended to other animals.

Personally, I love wild game. There's not much wild game that I haven't sampled, but I only eat off of what was being used for food, not sport. Sport hunting does nothing for me and I wish it was outlawed. I feel, unless you are using the entire animal, you shouldn't be able to take it.

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