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Default Koda 10 month old GSD with severe HD

So I recently posted a thread that my pup has HD. Its very bad and he never wants to get up when inside the house. When outside, he will play to a certain extent with his one year old sister GSD. I got a referral to a surgeon in College Station Texas for surgery. Apparently he is a very good surgeon and is booked until June. I cant stand to see Koda in pain. He pants while laying down and never wants to get up. I give both GSD's Glucosamine and fish oil. And he is prescribed "Metacam" (Meloxicam) by the pound. Originally he was on half of a 7.5 mg meloxicam tablet once every morning. Didnt seem to help at all. Now he is on the liquid Metacam which I was told was stronger because its administered by the weight of the dog. But this stuff doesnt seem to help either. I thought forsure it would work due to its high cost. (80$/2 weeks). He's suppose to be on anti inflammatory til he gets surgery to help with pain. But I cant stand to see my pup in this much pain. I have a few questions for anyone who is willing to help me and explain.

1. Will short term use of the steroid Prednisone be harmful for a GSD at such a young age.

2. Does anyone have any idea of good surgeons near the Houston, Texas area?

3. What else can I do to help Koda. It hurts to see this and any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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