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1 y/o female gsd dominant behavior

Our 13 month old female gsd is beginning to show some aggressive dominant behavior. Since we got her at 8 weeks she has been socialized with a large group of dogs and people in our neighborhood that has its own makeshift "dogpark", which is just a specific field everyone meets at after work to let the dogs run and play.

As a puppy she was well behaved and picked up on dog manners and interacting with a large variety of sizes, breeds, temperments, and personalities. With the exception of one other puppy a female rottweiler a week or two younger than our dog. From day one our dog would get on top of the rott and growl and bare her teeth. She never bit the other dog but the sounds and appearance of the altercation had both myself and the other owner worried. That was an isolated incident at the time so i chalked it up to not every dog gets along with every ther dog just like people, so we keep them seperated.

However in the last month she has begun to get dominant in that same fashion with other dogs that were previously her friends. Always other female dogs of varying sizes, breeds, spayed and un-spayed. And being that our pup is 27" tall and 85lbs she usually ends up on top with her fur sticking straight up, growling, snarling, just outright looking viscious.

If its relevant there is a 6 y/o husky female that with snap back and put our dog in her place and then they are both good and can play. But when our dog dominates a smaller submissive dog, which most of the other females are very submissive, it doesnt just end there. Our dog gets re-leashed and made to sit next to me quietly to calm down but will immediately dominate that same dog when given the opportunity.

We are worried she will end up with no friends and be "that" mean aggressive gsd, and we will have to avoid every other dog on walks. Which brings me to a second issue she has, or the same one. while walking on leash if another dog is walking towards us our dog will lay down and wait there for the other dog to approach and greet her but if the owner or dog avoids her or ignores her she immediately flips a switch and fur stands up, she barks and growls and lunges on the end of the leash.

I try to redirect her attention on the leash when other dogs get near but she is intently focused on the dog and nothing will distract her. When off the leash i run over and grab her off of the other dog and tell her NO! Bad dog! then leash her and make her sit nex to me. Neither is working to resolve the situation.

She is scheduled to be spayed next saturday, im hoping that will help, but ive read it can help, do nothing, or even make things worse.

I know this is a long post but i would really like to hear some experiences from others with dominant female gsds.

Thanks for any input.
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