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Default my 2nd shepherd...PICS!

It's been awhile since I posted (just lurking here and there) but wanted to share the news now that things are settled down in the house. Ava is nearly two (two this Tuesday!) and we brought in a 5 month old GSD three weeks ago. My neighbor down the street rehomed him with us. I don't think he realized how much work and attention the GSDs need. I promised that the pup would get plenty of love, exercise and attention.

Got a nice routine set up and going through (AGAIN!) all the puppy socialization, training and positive real world experiences. Plus breaking bad habits he picked up in his prior home like counter surfing and excessive barking. Enough talk. Welcome Denzel! Here are pics. Threw in some of Ava too!
Attached Thumbnails my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image_4.jpg my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image_5.jpg my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image_6.jpg my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image_3.jpg my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image_2.jpg my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image_1.jpg my 2nd shepherd...PICS!-image.jpg  

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