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Pannus, Lupus and odd behavior linked?

Hello friends,

My GSD and best friend Duke was diagnosed with Pannus in both eyes and had a problem on his snout, with the preliminary biopsy saying discoid Lupus. I researched this and from what I read, discoid does not go any further than the skin. However, I took Duke to my mother's house today and he peed on the carpet in her living room. She has a home daycare and said one of the kids had liquid poop in her living room and mentioned that as a possibility(marking it). My huge concern is that Duke NEVER goes inside, not even at the pet stores, Lowes, Academy Sports, etc. he hasn't had an accident since he was 6 months old and is about to turn 4.

He is currently on 800iu per day of non-synthetic vitamin e, steroid eye drops, which we have gone down to once per day (will be completely stopping steroids after biopsy stitches are removed Tuesday), cyclosporine eye drops twice per day, extra virgin coconut oil (twice per day), Dasuquin and Wellactin. Nothing new was started within the past 72 hours, except the spilling of raw almonds in the backyard.

I wanted to tap the resources here to see if I need to be even more concerned that I already am. Just looking for honest opinions without sugar coating. Duke's health is first and foremost on my mind. Thanks!

EDIT - My concern is the big picture with this being diagnosed recently.
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