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Greetings from Germany

We adopted a beautiful boy GSD from the tierheim Munich last Thursday. He is 11 months old and 80 lbs. This is the first dog I have ever had. I have only had standard poodles, which are poodles, not dogs. After 35 years of the anarchy of poodles, I am finally looking forward to a dog who wants to listen and obey and not some free-thinking anarchist with her own agenda. Anyways, he has HD and I am investigating with the orthopedic university veterinary clinics in Brno, Czech, Munich, DE, and Padova, Italy, to see about surgery.

This dog would eat all day long if left to his own devices, so I have to limit his food. I never had to do this with the poodles. They never overate and would nibble here and there. The shelter was feeding him 2x a day. I am feeding him 2x per day, allowing him to eat as much as he wants in one sitting. When he walks away, I pick up the food. Is this ok or should I carefully measure out much he gets?

He is already very protective of my wife and our old standard poodle, a 14 year old who is blind. She needs to keep away from the rose bushes to keep from injuring her eyes on the thorns. Argo, our new GSD, observed me do this once and took over from me, placing himself between the poodle and the rose bush. I think he considers her an old, blind sheep in need of herding.

Anyways, I look forward to your pointers and tips.
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