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I want shutzhund people help me analyze this pup scenario.

Today, I took my 8 1/2 months to pet smart to get a tag. I thought it would be good to take her to different place. I did some obedient commands like sitz, platz, fuss. It's Saturday. So, there was adoption. So, I walked my pup around. She was friendly to everyone and cats and dogs, but there was one pitbull pup in the crate. My pup approach the pitbull slowly with wiggling tail, all of sudden the pitbull pup started barking at my pup. And my pup was scared that she tried to run away. I pulled the leash and padded her like it's okay to be scared.
My concern is that Is it a sign or anything that I should worry about going into shutzhund sport?
I socialized her with other pups and people in puppy class early at 2 months and kinda stopped at month fourth because the helper at the club told me not to do that. He wants a pup to focus on me and only want to play with me not other dogs,but she is friendly with everyone who approaches her.

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