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Tell us about the dogs in your signature.

Ok, I will play!

B'lena zu Treuenhanden - call name Lena. I got her at 8 months as a USAR prospect. From the get go she had the most solid nerves I had ever seen. When we tested her at our training academy, they were testing a new robot for bombs. So they were literally setting off bombs and she never lost focus on her toy, ear twitch was all we saw. She has amazing agility, beautifully controlled on directionals, just a great dog. She did not make it as a USAR dog. Which stank. But she has been my go to dog for trying new things, we dabbled in HRD, NoseWorks, obedience, running and hiking. She is a hard worker.

Nixon Vom Banach- call name Nix. My new puppy. He is 13 mo old. And pretty much fits to a tee everything you read about DDR and Czech dogs. Very very bonded to me. Works great for praise, fairly moderate functional prey drive. I make that distinction because he has high prey drive, he just does not have use for toys. Which makes training a bit tough. But, as he matures I am seeing some of that develop. He now works for a ball and tug. Which is making my life easier. He us very pattern oriented, which will be an issue with training in the future. He does not generalize well, so I have to expose him to lots and lots. But, once he gets something, he has it. I have him heeling beautifully and I don't do it that often. He is slow to mature and I don't think I will really know what I have until well after his 2 bday. He has a great off switch, is a lot if fun, a great tracker, I adore what I am seeing so far.

Phoster- she is a Labrador, my current USAR dog, just recertified her. Never thought I would enjoy working a Lab, but she has stolen my heart. She is happy and focused and so much fun. I smile the entire time I work her. She is very much a working Lab. She ignores other people and dogs, very aloof and neutral, unless you have her toy. She tugs like a GSD, and is very rough and tumble. She is epileptic. But has not had a seizure in 18 mo. But I know at some point it will end her career.


Eisenhower Von der Polizei- call name Ike. My heart dog. I still cry on a regular basis when I think of him. He was a certified live find Wilderness dog. He taught me so much. About being a firm but fair and consistent handler. I nearly rehomed him at 18 months for handler aggression. We worked through it, and he became the most stable dog. We went everywhere together and he always drew a crowd. He was a bad dog. Not fully housebroken until he was 8yo, ate a couch, a bed, anything in the trash, a few pieces of jewelry, made my cat flap big enough for a GSD, all in all a real jerk. I loved every single bad thing he did. My puppy Nix is so much like him, whenever the pup does something bad, I curse Ike in heaven for giving the idea.

Hanah Vom Steffenhaus- call name Hanah. My first GSD. I wanted to do SchH, so I got a GSD. I thought I knew what I was doing, and I got lucky with her. We got her BH, but I did not enjoy SchH at that time( club director was abusive and I cried regularly) so we started in SAR, she was my first wilderness live find dog. She was amazingly forgiving, gentle, kind and so much fun. I retired her to my sisters home when I got Lena. The two young dogs kept knocking her over. She lived her golden years an only dog and a queen. Until she was 16 and could no longer hold her bladder or go for walks.

So that's it. Dogs I have owned and trained. Of course it does not include the dozens of rescues I have rehabbed, but I don't think there is room for that!!!

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