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Originally Posted by Castlemaid View Post
So what about you?

Thanks for creating this post. I love to hear all the stories of members' pets.

Gypsy - She's my yellow lab. She's extremely smart, loving, gentle, and has a comical personality! Like most labs, water, mud, snow, pretty much anything wet are among her favorite things to get into. I've had her since a puppy, was already potty trained at 8 weeks. Now at 3.5 she's turned into a wonderful family member.

Red - He's our first shepherd. My family went to the first Marland Dogfest held at Blue Crab's Stadium in June 2012. His adoptive name was Rin Tin Tin, although at the time, he looked nothing like him. He was 60 lbs all skin and bones. Absolutely no muscle on him. He had no glimmer in his eyes and a dull coat. In his weakened condition, he could barely walk. He was such a sad sight. You could tell he was starved and beaten. It took him about 2 weeks not to scarf his food down when we brought him home. It was amazing to see his progress each day. Even through his ordeal, he still loved people, loved to be touched, and loved life. It's because of him that I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed.

Charlie (RIP 1/14/14) - She is my second rescue. She was turned into the shelter with two other dogs. All three females, she was the oldest. The Golden Retrieve was picked up by a rescue, the other German Shepherd was adopted. Charlie was 9 yrs old and no one wanted her. I decided to foster her to give her a better chance at finding a forever home. We had her for 1/2 a day and I had made my mind up...she'd live out her life with my family. We rescued her on December 5, 2013. She was an amazing girl with a huge heart. For her age, she was in excellent shape with a wonderful personality. We didn't know how much longer she'd live, but what years she had left she would know only kindness and love. Monday, January 13, 2014 started out like any other day. I worked from home so all the dogs were laying at my feet. Charlie was on the couch (her favorite place). Everyone ate breakfast normal and we went for our lunch time walk. At dinner, Charlie would eat. This wasn't normal. I felt her over, she showed no pain, her activity level was still normal. The next morning same thing, she wouldn't eat. If she didn't eat when I got home, I as taking her to the vet, because this wasn't normal behavior. She had blood work, a Sonogram, and X-ray done. It was determined she had Hemangiosarcoma. The vet said there was nothing they could do, so I made the hard decision to let her go. It was very hard, as I was thinking the condition was something that could be fixed when we were heading to the vets. Not once did my girl show pain or aggression. We had her cremated and she's resting on my mantle. I miss her dearly and think of her often. Charlie is the dog sitting on the fire place.

Whether they're still hear on earth with us or watching over us from above, German Shepherds forever hold a place in our hearts. It's because of these great animals that we are all a part of this forum.


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