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Tuke is the dog in my avatar. She's our kid dog, she loves them and enjoys following them outdoors. She doesn't interact with them as much as she just hangs out and watches them play. She's likes cuddling up with her people and of our three, the only one who enjoys sleeping in our bed, if only for an hour or so. She also dreams a lot which includes lots of "running" and kicking.

I trained her through OB, rally, and we dabbled in agility, she did alright, but you could tell she didn't really enjoy it and would much rather play fetch or go for a hike. While in class, she would grab my pant leg as we passed the exit and try to coerce me to leave. I wouldn't call her golden trapped in a GSD body, but she does kind of lean in that direction. She and her sister will be 4 this summer, can't believe how time flys.
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