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Charles T Richard
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How do you treat your human children?

Don't know if this goes here. Move it if it doesn't.

I've been reading dog forums for awhile now in anticipation of getting a GSD. Don't get me wrong, but I read and read about how it's all about the dog. Rightfully so. I agree. I want my dog to be perfect and will do anything for him.

Now, I don't have human kids. Haven't raised any. Really don't like them much. How do those with kids, treat their kids? Do you put as much care and concern into it as you do your dog? Have you ever yelled at or hit your human child? That would be bad for a puppy. Don't you agree?

So, how do you raise your kids? If everyone responds perfectly, I call BS. If everyone says they raise their puppy perfectly, I call BS.

There is the talk and the walk.
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