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Fromm making my puppy's stool runny?

Mishka is currently on Fromm gold large breed puppy. About a week ago her stool began to soften to frozen yogurt consistency, and tonight it has gotten even worse. I took her outside for her final bathroom trip and her stool was all liquid. She also has not been eating well for the past few days. I thought it could be because she has just started teething, so her mouth could just be sore.

Our cat is also on from gold, his stool has become very loose as well in the last few days.

Does anyone think it could be related? Could it be the Fromm?

I also wondered if they might have gotten into something in the house, but I keep a clean floor, and there is nothing that I can think of that they would have eaten.

I am really worried. I am giving them electrolytes because they are not drinking their usual amounts. My GS usually goes through 2-3 bowls a day of water, today she has only had 1/2.

Should I call an e-vet?

Does anyone know what might be happening?
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