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I used to take Varick to petsmart all the time when he was a little pup. I stopped when he was about nine months old, just because I got off track. Now, he's 18 months old and I'd like to start taking him again, for socialization purposes (other dogs). He's not very reactive, but he's very alert. I'd like to try to get him to ignore/almost ignore other dogs. I definitely want to have a muzzle on him while we are at petsmart. Just as a precaution, one can't be too safe. Is this acceptable? Or is this a symbol saying that I have a viscous dog and he is not allowed in public?
I'll be using treats to train. Whenever I ask for his attention and he gives it to me, I reward. If he acts up/ gets excited, I'll walk in the opposite direction of the distraction.


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