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Default New Sprenger Prong...fitted properly?

So I've never used a prong before! I watched Tyler Muto's videos about how to fit them and also read up on Leerburg's site AND here for how to fit it. Here is the finished product, can I get some opinions on if it is correct?

I purchased this Sprenger at CountryMax. I had no idea they even sold them! Kain is 10 months with a 16" neck. However, the sizing on the different tags read only Small, Medium, and XLarge. I peeled back the CountryMax tag, but the Sprenger tag didn't elaborate either. The XL looked way too big, and although the Med. seemed small I remember a thread where someone said the smaller prongs were better for handling. Nowhere on the tag does it mentioned the mm, can someone tell me if this is the 2.25mm or the 3.2mm?

I removed 2 links from it to make it fit more snugly. Is this high up enough? Sorry if the images suck, he wasn't exactly cooperating lol

I've begun watching videos on how to use the prong and I cannot believe the results so far. I'm not even pulling on him at all. He pulls and corrects himself and he is an absolute gem on the leash after one day! Crazy!
Kelly & Kain
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