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Unhappy First night home AKA the night from **** + diarrhea/vomiting

Hi all,

Liesje kindly directed me to this forum.

We picked up our puppy (8wks old) yesterday. His name in Hans and he is a WGSL. We got him from a great breeder in Ontario (Dei Precision) and the puppy is wonderful and a little too smart for his own good, haha. Within 5 mins of the first time we put him in his ex pen, he figured out how to pop the door open. We then figured out a way to better "reinforce" the door so that he can't do it in the future.

He came home and had a fairly solid log poop. However, in the evening around 7 pm his poop was sort of a soft pile. Then we transitioned to 4x pudding-poop variety and finally total liquid diarrhea between 1 am and 7 am. Initially he was crated in our room and whined for the first 10 mins or so when we went to bed but then happily slept for just over 2 hours until he started barking and banging on the crate and that's when he had his first pudding poop. As he kept having to go basically every hour and we hadn't slept a wink, we decided to move him to his ex pen which was covered in newspapers. The thought was that if we can't get him out of his crate & into the yard quickly enough I'd rather not have him have diarrhea all over himself in the crate. ANYWAY, he HATES the pen. He essentially had a complete meltdown in there - whining, screaming, barking, ramming his body into the walls of the pen, biting at the wire, jumping on it, scratching with his paws, etc. And he was screaming and crying so much that at one point he just hurled up the contents of his dinner.

I'm waiting for the vet to open at 8:30 and will give them a call. I think that this is all stress related. He had his first set of shots 2 days ago (including parvo), and he made the journey alone with the breeder yesterday to the city where he had to wait in the breeder's office for a couple of hours until I came to pick him up. He was also the first of his litter to leave as the rest are going home today. He is still very active and bites us constantly, chews on every area rug/mat he finds, land sharks for any sign of an abandoned shoe or slipper, etc. He does like his Nylabone a whole lot and seems to prefer soft toys to rubber for now.

I've made sure that he's drinking a ton of water. We are feeding him the same food that he has been fed (breeder gave us a bag of it). He ate yesterday like he'd been starving for a month, but this morning he wasn't really interested in his food and maybe had 1/4 of a cup. I don't blame him given his tummy issues.

Should I be worried or is this probably stress?

Sorry for the essay....
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