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Very Independent 10 wk old female

Hi all! My last shepherd was a male I adopted at about 10 months old. He was a fantastic dog and a true mommas boy. He had a bit of independence about himself but also made sure he knew where I was at all times. He passed away last year and I miss him greatly.

I got Maggie at 7.5 wks old. She was the runt and kind of "chose me" at the breeders (or so I thought). She came home and settled in with our Australian shepherd instantly. She growled and barked at him all the while with her tail curled up. At first I thought she was scared and separated them - but further experience seems to shows that she is just playing and demonstrating an alpha role in my opinion based on what I've read.

We have mastered "come", "lay", & "sit". She is highly intelligent and will do a lot for a treat. My issue is that she is SO independent. Now don't get me wrong, I think that can be a great trait but I have never seen such a young pup with her attitude. She prefers to play with toys by herself and could care a less where we are. She never wags her tail at us nor kisses nor acts like we are anything more than a treat and food machine. When she hears the dog treat bowl clank or dog food bag rustle - she's there. Otherwise she is trying to run off on her own. I am a little disheartened bc i have always had pretty good relationships with all my pets. My father actually purchased one of her sisters who is the sweetest baby so I dont think it is a learned behavior from the breeder not being hands on or something. I try to play and give treats and of course train but she just seems to care a less. I am not sure how I can bond with her and try to train her to be more of a family oriented girl. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! I want a long happy life with her like Maverick and I had.

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