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Short Fence plus Electronic In-Ground Fence?

In another thread, I was asking about fence height for my small side yard. Most of the answers were "the fence should be at least 6-feet high". I was hoping a 4-feet high fence would be sufficient, because I have such a beautiful sunset ocean view (I live in Hawaii) and I'd hate to block it with any fence at all.

I went to Lowes to ask about fencing, and the guy suggested going with a 4-feet high fence with an in-ground electronic fence running the perimeter of the physical fence. After awhile, he said, the dog will stop going near the physical fence and you can disable the in-ground fence. But the physical fence also helps keep neighbor kids and stray dogs away.

This sounds like a good idea to me. Is it?

If it is, I'd like to "open up" the west (ocean) facing side of my fencing and put in hedges instead of a fence. On the west edge of my property, it slopes off sharply down 30 feet. If the dog jumped the hedge, he wouldn't see where he was landing, and he'd land about 6 feet below grade down the slope face.

Please see my sketches. I'm also boxing out the hot tub area with fencing as it's too easy for the dog get up on the hot tub cover, and I don't want any fencing at all blocking the ocean view from the hot tub.

Would this combination of 4-feet high fence, hedges on the slope, plus the in-ground electronic fence work?

My dog Ruger is a very good-behaved dog, he hasn't shown himself to be a jumper or digger. He gets walked about 1.5 hours total per day and we play fetch usually in the afternoon.

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