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Training Troubles: Too "Snippy" with Treats

I've been working on basic obedience with Stella (using marker words and treats). The problem is she gets so excited over her treats that she snaps at them with no regard to my fingers. I know it's not intentional, but she's bitten pretty hard a few times while trying to grab the treats. How do I encourage her to go easy and have a softer mouth?

Edited to Add: Not sure if this matters, but she eats really fast too... all the time. I can feed Sweet Pea first (and at half the amount) and Stella still finishes well before Sweet Pea is done.

Sweet Pea ~ 11 yr old female Cocker Spaniel 1.7.03
Stella ~ 5 mth old bicolor female GSD (?) c. 11.1.13

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