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1. Ages
2. Sex
3. Breed
4. Dominant one
5. Submissive one
6. Any aggression or fear
7. How do you manage them

1) 2.5, 2.5, 4-7

2) 2 males and one female

3) GSD BC GSD mix

4)Shiggies older female

5)Dexter Border Collie

6) Dexter Can be nervous, Tyson can be people fearful which leads to growling, Shiggies Rock solid with people, does not like off the wall dogs

7)Well Dexter has over his people nervousness he got older and we got shiggies and i think he learned from her, no secret that my 2nd or 3rd thread was about ty attacking dexter in the yard that was all my fault and i dont leave them alone together, and shiggies well she is pretty solid except for the food/water thing that we worked out,
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